GUNS IN THE SUN is proud to announce the signing of our second recording artist, American Royalty.

It’s truly difficult to descibe this new young group that seemed to appear out of nowhere onto the Los Angeles music scene. With the band average age being 22 years old, the only conclusions anyone seems to be able to reach is that they are young and fearless. The band’s unique ambivalence to a particular genre, raw musical talent and vast music taste leaves most people struggling to think of another band to compare them to; most end up with something along the lines of “somewhere between The Black Keys and The Bloody Beetroots”. Others simply give up, saying “I can’t describe them…. you just have to see them live.”

Well, seeing them live hasn’t been a particularly easy task either. Their first ever advertised performance was opening for Aussie sensation Miami Horror to a sold out Los Angeles crowd in September. Their only other two performances have been first alongside the NY supergroup Punches, and second as a result of receiving a personal call up from HARD festival organizer Gary Richards to play his HARD Haunted Mansion warm up party. Their progressive take to the stage involves equal parts classic rock and progressive house, with frontmen Billy Scher and Marc Gilfry manning electric guitars, synthesizers, and samplers; while behind-the-scenes production wizard Richard Morris holds down the drumkit while silmultaenously controlling the non stop sample and loop firings. On top of all that, Gilfry and Scher take a refreshing step away from overprocessed dance vocal traditions and bring raw and powerful classic rock lead vocals to the mix, occasionally combining for harmonies which suggest they’ve been singing together for years, though they’ve barely logged a month playing together as a live band.

While you’d expect genre smashing of this sort to seem rather forced, American Royalty’s lead single “Lately” seems incredibly natural. After introducing the track with about thirty seconds of synth and guitar feedback (see: ignoring pop convention), Scher and Gilfry croon the song’s main vocal hook over the bed of noise, slowly sweeping up the listener before the psychedelic dance rock journey even begins. Then the track dives into a powerful house music blitz which literally whips you onto the dance floor, right before breaking you down again when it slides into a White Stripes-esque guitar rock groove around the two minute mark. Finally, the track works its way into a harmonious combination of both sections, leaving the listener thinking what has been suggested all along… “I need to see this live”. With this much win packed into their first single, we can hardly wait to see what the rest of the EP has in store when it drops this November on Guns In The Sun Records.

You can stream it below or DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE here (right click, save as).

American Royalty is playing with The Moving Units this Friday at The Troubadour (info here), and at their record release party on Saturday November 13th at The Bootleg Theatre in Silverlake.

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